Rita Mizere is the sensational Polish female rapper. She aspires to be  the next Nicki Minaj, just even bigger. 

Rita Mizere was born in Poland in the city of Jaroslaw. 

            She graduated from the Medical School and the University of Health Promotion  profile. Rita's main specialities are dancing, singing, acting, directing, writing  lyrics for songs (category of pop and hip-hop) 

          Since childhood linked artistically. She danced in the ensembles of contemporary and modern in Jaroslaw, went to the Cabaret, played in the Orchestra Brass. She is also great at playing the piano. 

 When she went to Krakow she tried to get into television. Rita has previously featured in TV series and Feature films . 

For several years she was also connected with the Ballet Modern Form in Krakow. 

She came to London to learn English and get to know a new country and its culture. 

      Her dream is to be a Successful singer and actress and make a worldwide album, accessible for all. She wants people to be able to relate to her lyrics and understand where life has taken her, through the lyrics. They are not only about love but also about what happens to us every day, about the reality around us. Rita is currently working on her EP release so please watch out and keep updated.