Well done to Madame Kapuscinska on winning BEST PERFORMER/SINGER 2017 CA AWARDS. Lets find out from her herself how she felt.

Madame Kapuscinska:- It was such an honour to be crowned BEST PERFORMER/SINGER. It is an exceptional honour to be recognised for your talents. I do what i do because it is a passion and being on stage is an experience that i can't even explain. One sometimes worries that will the audience like me , will they enjoy my music. People have been very accepting of me. I as an artist and singer/songwriter do my best to not listen to other artists as such because i don't want to be compared to others or contrasted to trying to be like someone else. Many times in the industry you get asked the question who do you want to be like. For me the honest answer is I just want to be me. I aspire to be the best version of myself. To be true to who I am as an artists and express that through music. I hope that through my music I am able to connect with the world and inspire people to live life to the fullest because tomorrow is never promised. 

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