Daniel Kapuscinski and Letitia Kapuscinska , are both based in London, originating from Poland, St. Lucia and Guyana. Their music is melancholy, haunting, organic, uplifting, refreshing, transcendent, rich , vibrant and original. Currently Daniel has completed  Filmscore's for the following Multi-award winning Feature films Return Of The Don (2016)  and also Gatwick Gangsters (2017) which has just been released in this November within the UK and Worldwide available online.

 Daniel who composes filmscores and produces for artists, media companies, film productions, websites, trailers, sound designs and engineers. Letitia is the songwriter, artist,music director, model and actress. What set's them apart from everyone else is the way they work in unity together in the same direction on the same page with an understanding of each others angle of the music industry, due to their varying roles.

Currently we are working on Madame Kapuscinska's first album, so there are quite a few collaborations going on amongst songwriters, producers, record labels and films, publishers. Madame Kapuscinska recently won Best Singer/Performer (2017) alongside waiting for further confirmation from the grammys. Madame Kapuscinska is near finished with filming for feature film with Bohemian Films, Working with Gamble Life 360 Pr for Nasty Car Music Video, Directed her own music video for Don't Mislead Me. Finalist for Open Mic October 8th Camden.. please do not hesitate to contact for more information if you'd like to come. Keep watch of facebook page and comment and win prizes and support the journey.

 Their career highlights are reaching in the ITOP charts (2014), Award nominee Best female act Locally (2015), Best Sound Department For Feature (2016), Best Female Act Nominee,Beffta (2016), Best Female Model Nominee, CA Awards (2016), Best Upcoming Artist Winner ,CA Awards (2016) Best Performer/Singer Winner, CA Awards (2017). 

Please do not be a stranger find us on facebook @kapuscinscyempire, instagram @kapuscinscyempire @madamekapuscinska, twitter @kapempire or our mailing list